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The Living Village on the campus of Southern Methodist University (SMU) will be an interactive display and teaching tool for the second Engineering & Humanity Week, April 16-20, as students live, cook and sleep in temporary shelters designed for international refugees and rapidly expanding urban populations.

Students, faculty and local members of the community will build the village on the SMU campus lawn during Engineering & Humanity Week, showcasing a variety of shelter technologies with applications for people displaced by war and natural disasters, as well as impoverished urban dwellers in the developing world. The village’s temporary residents will be without electricity and running water in the shelters, as is frequently the case for refugee populations. The public is welcome to tour the village and speak with participants.

Engineering & Humanity Week is sponsored by Hunter and Stephanie Hunt, the Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity at Southern Methodist University’s Lyle School of Engineering, and co-hosted with the University of Oxford’s Refugee Studies Center.

Engineering & Humanity Week will provide in-depth exposure to global economics, cultural awareness, collaborative leadership and principles of sustainability.  “Through the power of engineering—steeped in practical solutions, collaboration with partners, and a commitment to the principles of humanity—we will work to meet the challenges of the developing world,” says Stephanie Hunt, the event’s founder and chairwoman.